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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Introduction

To summarize, the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant examination is intended for people who have insight in arranging Marketing Cloud arrangements. The applicant has demonstrated involvement in the organization as well as the arrangement of Marketing Cloud, as shown through effective finishing of the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator test.

This certification is focused on the Salesforce expert or accomplice who has dominated the usage of Marketing Cloud by showing configuration best practices, executing an arrangement of missions, as well as concluding custom answers for clients. Moreover, the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant can meet client business necessities that are viable, adaptable, and add to long haul client achievement.

What is Salesforce?

In short terms, Salesforce is a platform that acts as a benefactor for other businesses. Besides being a cloud-based company does not stop it from being the most integrated platform that allows Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Above all, the main intention behind it is to bring together users and corporations. In addition to that, it is a bridge between customers and your business that allows you services. Accordingly, these services include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Commerce as well as
  • The client’s point of view

Furthermore, this cloud-based platform goes above and beyond in cliental services. That is because it has proven this by its CRM 360 integrated CRM platform that provides a simulation of the customer’s experience. Besides developing your practical awareness in marketing, sales, commerce, and IT, etc., Salesforce provides effective, associated products as well. Moreover, with groundbreaking innovations, your business can get one-of-a-kind advantages. They give you the first look with free three upgrades on their newest technology, and as a result, the Salesforce becomes #1 in CRM platforms.

Furthermore, Salesforce provides characteristics that improve the business as well as increase its client rate. It also assists your business with solutions that effectively grow your business. Moreover, Salesforce supports you in constructing your business on a single, secure, and adaptable stage. And above all, it is simple to redo and update without anything breaking.

On top of it, it takes you in as a part of its community that is called Trailblazers. Trailblazers, consequently, help others with their trailhead academy, giving out knowledge and assistance to those in need.

Salesforce Certifications:

While being as generous as Salesforce already is, it also allows you to be a part of its administration. Moreover, its only prerequisite is acquiring appropriate credentials for the particular field for which you want to work. Salesforce’s Trailhead is responsible for these certifications.

In addition to that, the certifications are divided by roles having subfields of certified exams:

Salesforce Administrator:

  • Administrator
  • Advanced Administrator
  • CPQ Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder

Salesforce Architect:

Salesforce Developer:

  • B2C Commerce Developer
  • JavaScript Developer 1
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder
  • Platform Developer 1
  • Platform Developer 2

Salesforce Marketer:

  • Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Pardot Specialist
  • Pardot Consultant

Salesforce Consultant:

  • Community Cloud Consultant
  • Education Cloud Consultant
  • Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant
  • Field Service Lightning Consultant
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
  • Pardot Consultant
  • Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant

Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification

The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant has experience utilizing Marketing Cloud devices in executing both strategic and key email crusades. The specialist realizes how to assemble email promoting efforts while fusing various apparatuses, for example, the substance framework, division, computerization, following, and investigation to settle on information-driven choices to upgrade client email crusades. The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant is likewise ready to investigate and tackle stage issues.

Adding to that, the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant generally has at least a half year of execution experience or potentially in any event five usage projects with involved insight as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions Architect or comparative skill actualizing Marketing Cloud and related instruments. The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant has assistance and consultative aptitudes at a specialized level.

Consultant Expectations

The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant competitor has the experience, aptitudes, information, and capacity to:

  • Integrate diverse tools such as segmentation, automation, tracking, and analytics to make data-driven choices to enhance email campaigns.
  • Rectify and resolve basic platform problems.
  • Generate basic SQL, along with join statements.
  • Use scripting for utilization in messaging and CloudPages (AMPscript, Guide Template Language, Server-Side Javascript).
  • Construct account architect and organization (BUs, roles and permissions, profiles, SAP, RMM, Users, subscriber filters, SFTP).
  • Constitute data (data extensions, Contact Builder).
  • Handle unsubscribes (custom Preference Center).
  • Describe and implement email data interactions (import, data extracts, file transmission).
  • Arrange automation.
  • Have a clear knowledge of Web Service offerings.
  • Operate and rectify Marketing Cloud Connect.
  • Construct Distributed Marketing.
  • Have a clear knowledge of the Contact Delete process.
  • Devote time in learning the resources and the additional dumps provided by Dumpsarena.

As groundwork for this test, Salesforce suggests a mix of at least a half year of executioner’s experience or potentially, at any rate, five usage projects with involved insight as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions Architect or comparable ability actualizing Marketing Cloud and related devices, instructional class finish, and Trailhead trails. This exam guides along with dumps of PDF exam and test engine package that Dumpsarena provides.


There are quite a number of aspects that a candidate needs knowledge of before attempting the exam. However, there is an ease in knowing that the applicant for the Marketing Cloud certification does not need to know about:

  • Social Studio
  • Audience Builder
  • Pardot

Even though these are not obligatory, it is suggested for an examinee to already have acquired the following:

  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Developer

Marketing Cloud Certification Exam Structure

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant certification is a quiz-based assessment having the response type of multiple-choice and multiple-select for 60 scored and 5 non-scored questions. The exam allocates 105 minutes to each candidate to complete it. The passing result is 67% below which the candidate would have to reattempt the exam. The fee for registering for the exam is, without applicable tax, 200 US dollars and 100 US dollars when reattempting the exam.

The exam can be attempted online or at a proctored affiliated center providing a suitable infrastructure. There is a prerequisite the candidate willing to take the exam needs to fulfill. They must have Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator credentials before trying their hand at this exam

It must be noted that as of November 16, 2017, some Salesforce accreditation tests may contain up to five extra, haphazardly positioned, un-scored inquiries to accumulate information on inquiry execution. The term of every test has been assessed and changed by obliging the incorporation of the un-scored questions. These five inquiries will be notwithstanding the 60 scored quiz questions on your test and will not affect your score.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Questions

The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills. The questions in the exam stem from the following modules that thoroughly test the candidate’s understanding and capability.  A competitor ought to have active involvement in regulating and designing Marketing Cloud and exhibit the information and aptitude in every one of the topic domains listed below.

Domain1: Discovery and Architecture: 16%

The first domain in the Marketing Cloud Certification is Discovery and Architecture. This domain holds 16% of the portion in the examination.

  • The candidate gets a set of business requirements and they have to select what extra data is required to architect the suggested solution.
  • Next, the quiz asks the candidate to have the knowledge to exhibit the ways to put together necessities in order to gather a data and segmentation approach for the client.
  • Furthermore, this domain gives a customer skill set to the candidate. Through that, the candidate has to create suggestions on suitable solutions for long term ease of usage and sustenance.
Domain 2: Integration: 20%

The second domain is Integration. This domain holds 20% of the weightage in the overall examination.

  • Here, the domain allocates a customer use case to the candidate. Through that allocation, the candidate has to exhibit the understanding of features, feasibility, and rectifying of Marketing Cloud Connect.
  • Next, the candidate has to enunciate how the data model will support customized and appropriate messaging and content.
  • This domain gives the candidate another customer use case. Then they have to suggest which extension product(s) meets the necessity.
Domain 3: Account Configuration: 12%

The third domain is called Account Configuration. This holds 12% of the weightage in the Marketing Cloud Consultant exam.

  • The candidate gets a client scenario where they have to establish the relevant account hierarchy.
  • With the allocation of another scenario, the candidate has to solve problems regarding Reply Mail Management.
  • Next, the quiz shall query the candidates about evaluating the effect of employing the Sender Authentication Package (SAP) to a business unit.
  • Lastly, this domain gives the candidate a scenario through which they have to exhibit their understanding of features and rectification of Mobile Studio.
Domain 4: Automation: 20%

The fourth domain is Automation. This domain has 20% of the weightage in the assessment. This domain allocates a customer scenario to the candidate where they have to:

  • Provide the suitable automation type and activities that should be used.
  • Architect complex automation by utilizing Journey Builder and Automation Studio.
Domain 5: Data Modeling and Management: 21%

The fifth, and second to the last, domain is Data Modeling and Management. This domain has 21% of the weightings in the examination.

  • The candidate gets a customer scenario. They have to exhibit the aptitude to distinguish when to utilize standard reports, data views, and tracking extracts.
  • Next, the candidates have to describe the different data objects in Marketing Cloud.
  • Lastly, they have to analyze the impacts on the data model when selecting contact identity.
Domain 6: Messaging: 11%

The sixth and final domain in this Salesforce Cloud Certification is Messaging. This domain holds the remaining 11% of the weightings in the examination. Here the candidate willing to attempt the exam gets a customer scenario where they have to:

  • Define the different ways to individualize message content.
  • Establish the relevant messaging option.


This affirmation is engaged toward the Salesforce specialist or associate who has ruled the use of Marketing Cloud by exhibiting setup best practices along with executing a plan of missions and finishing up custom responses for customers. The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant can meet customer business necessities that are reasonable, versatile, and add to a long-term customer accomplishment.

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