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Salesforce Certified Data Architecture, Management Designer

The Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer certification is proposed for the creator who evaluates the engineering climate and prerequisites; additionally, plans sound, adaptable, and performance arrangements on the Customer 360 stage. The Designer will likewise have experience working with the accompanying:

  • Data Modeling & Database Design
  • Master Data Management
  • Salesforce Data Management
  • Data Governance
  • Large Data Volume Considerations
  • Data Migration
  • The designer has experience communicating solutions and design trade-offs to business and IT stakeholders.

What is Salesforce?

In short terms, Salesforce is a platform that acts as a benefactor for other businesses. Besides being a cloud-based company does not stop it from being the most integrated platform that allows Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Above all, the main intention behind it is to bring together users and corporations. Moreover, it is a bridge between customers and your business that allows you services. Correspondingly, these services include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Commerce as well as
  • The client’s point of view

Furthermore, this cloud-based platform goes above and beyond in cliental services. That is because it has proven this by its CRM 360 integrated CRM platform that provides a simulation of the customer’s experience. Besides developing your practical awareness in marketing, sales, commerce, and IT, etc., Salesforce provides effective, associated products as well. Moreover, with groundbreaking innovations, your business can get one-of-a-kind advantages. As they give you the first look with free three upgrades on their newest technology, as a result, the Salesforce becomes #1 in CRM platforms.

Furthermore, Salesforce provides characteristics that improve the business as well as increase its client rate. It also assists your business with solutions that effectively grow your business. Moreover, Salesforce supports you in constructing your business on a single, secure, and adaptable stage. And in addition to that, it is simple to redo and update without anything breaking.

On top of it, it takes you in as a part of its community that is called Trailblazers. Trailblazers, consequently, help others with their trailhead academy, giving out knowledge and assistance to those in need.

Salesforce Certifications:

While being as generous as Salesforce already is, it also allows you to be a part of its administration. Moreover, its only prerequisite is acquiring appropriate credentials for the particular field for which you want to work. Accordingly, Salesforce’s Trailhead is responsible for these certifications.

Furthermore, the certifications are divided by roles having subfields of certified exams:

Salesforce Administrator:

  • Administrator
  • Advanced Administrator
  • CPQ Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder

Salesforce Architect:

  • Application Architect
  • B2C Solution Architect
  • B2C Commerce Architect
  • Heroku Architecture Designer
  • System Architect
  • Technical Architect

Salesforce Developer:

  • B2C Commerce Developer
  • JavaScript Developer 1
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder
  • Platform Developer 1
  • Platform Developer 2

Salesforce Marketer:

  • Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Pardot Specialist
  • Pardot Consultant

Salesforce Consultant:

  • Community Cloud Consultant
  • Education Cloud Consultant
  • Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant
  • Field Service Lightning Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
  • Pardot Consultant
  • Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant

Data Architecture and Management Designer

The Application Architect role includes further roles and certifications from which the Data Architecture and Management Designer credentials stem on.

A Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer evaluates the engineering climate and prerequisites as well as plans sound, versatility, and performant arrangements on the Customer 360 Platform in accordance with big business information management. The competitor is educated about data design structures covering significant structure blocks, for example, information sourcing, incorporation/development, tenacity, ace information handling, metadata operations and semantic compromise, information administration, security, and conveyance. It is expected of an applicant willing to sit this exam that the candidate likewise has experience surveying clients’ necessities with respect to information quality requirements and generating solutions to guarantee high-quality information (for example no copies, right information) and can likewise prescribe hierarchical changes to guarantee appropriate information stewardship. The applicant has experience conveying arrangements as well as configuration compromises to business partners.

Usually, the Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer have from 2 to 3 years of hands-on Salesforce experience. Moreover, it is expected of the candidate they have more than 5 years of practical involvement supporting or executing data-centric solutions. Once the person has gained their credentials, their normal employment jobs would incorporate the following roles:

  • Advanced Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Technical/Solution Architect
  • Advanced Platform Developer

Experience Expectations

The Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer applicant has the experience, aptitudes, and information on the accompanying:

  • Data exhibiting/Database Plan
  • Custom fields, master-detail, lookup relationships
  • Customer necessities and mapping to database necessities
  • Standard object arrangement for sales and service cloud
  • Having the best usage of Salesforce standard and big objects
  • The relationship amongst customary objects and Salesforce license sorts
  • Great Data Volume considerations
  • Indexing, LDV migrations, performance
  • Salesforce Platform declarative and programming perceptions
  • Scripting using those tools (Data loader, ETL platforms)
  • Data Stewardship
  • Data Quality Skills (concerned with clean data)


The candidate has the ease of being capable enough for the exam whether or not they know the following. A possibility for this test isn’t required to know or do the accompanying:

  • Non-Salesforce Technology/Database Concepts
  • Configuration of Integration tools
  • Experience with MDM Tools (Master Data Management)
  • Lightning Development Experience/Expertise
  • Programming Language(s)

More so, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I, and Platform Developer II are encouraged by the Salesforce experts for a candidate to gain even when they are not required.

Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer

The Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer is a quiz-based assessment having the response type of multiple-choice as well as multiple-select for 60 scored questions. The exam allocates 105 minutes to each candidate to complete it. The passing result is 58% below which the candidate would have to reattempt the exam. The fee for registering for the exam is, without applicable tax, 400 US dollars and 200 US dollars when reattempting the exam.

The exam can be attempted online or at a proctored affiliated center providing a suitable infrastructure. There are no strict prerequisites the candidate willing to take the exam needs to fulfill. (There is a prerequisite the candidate willing to take the exam needs to fulfill which is based on the content listed below.)

Exam Content Outline

The Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the following objectives:

Domain 1: Data modeling/Database Design: 25%

The first domain is Data Modeling/Database Design. This domain has 25% of the weightage in the overall examination.

  • It asks the candidate to vary and distinguish different methods and considerations for planning a data prototype for the Customer 360 platform. (e.g. objects, fields & relationships, object features).
  • The quiz gives the candidate a situation and then the candidate has to suggest tactics and skills to plan an adjustable data model that conforms to the present security and sharing model.
  • Furthermore, it asks the candidate to vary and distinguish different methods, tactics, and deliberations for capturing and handling business and technical metadata (e.g. business dictionary, data lineage, taxonomy, data classification).
  • The candidate additionally correlates and diversifies the various reasons for executing Big Objects vs Standard/Custom objects within a manufacturing instance, alongside the unique pros and cons of using Big Objects in a Salesforce data model.
  • This domain ends by giving a client scenario. The candidate has to suggest methodologies and tactics to evade data skew (record locking, sharing calculation issues, and excessive child to parent relationships).
Domain 2: Master Data Management: 5%

The second domain is Master Data Management. This domain holds 5% weightings of the whole examination.

  • The candidate has to analyze and correlate the different schematics, methods, and deliberations for executing Master Data Management Solutions (e.g. MDM execution styles, harmonizing & consolidating data from multiple sources, establishing data survivorship rules, thresholds & weights, leveraging external reference data for enrichment, Canonical modeling techniques, hierarchy management.).

This domain gives a customer scenario and asks the candidate to:

  • Suggest and utilize methods for determining a “golden record” or “system of truth” for the client domain in a Single Org.
  • Suggest methods and tactics for uniting data qualities from multiple sources. Discuss criteria and procedure for concluding the winning attributes.
  • Suggest suitable methods and skills to hold and sustain customer reference & metadata to reserve traceability and form a common context for business rules.
Domain 3: Salesforce Data Management: 25%

The third domain in the Data Architecture and Management Designer exam is Salesforce Data Management. This domain gives customer scenarios where the candidate has to:

  • Suggest suitable arrangement of Salesforce license types to efficiently leverage standard and custom objects to satisfy business requirements.
  • Suggest methods to make sure data is persevered in a constant routine.
  • And, suggest a project to efficiently combine and/or leverage data from multiple Salesforce cases.
  • Lastly, it gives the candidate a state where with multiple systems of interaction, the candidate has to explain methods to signify a solo view of the client on the Salesforce platform.
Domain 4: Data Governance: 10%

The fourth domain is Data Governance. This domain holds 10% of the overall exam weightage.

  • It gives the candidate a customer scenario as well and asks them to suggest a tactic for planning a GDPR acquiescent data model. Deliberate the different options to detect, classify, and protect personal and sensitive data.
  • Next, it asks the candidate to vary and analyze different schematics and deliberations for planning and executing an enterprise data governance program.
Domain 5: Large Data Volume considerations: 20%

The fifth domain is Large Data Volume considerations. This domain holds 20% of the weightage in the overall examination.

  • It gives a candidate a customer scenario and then asks the candidate to set up a data prototype that adjusts per requirements considering large data volume and solution presentation.
  • This domain gives another customer scenario to the candidate. The candidate then has to suggest a data archiving and purging plan that is optimal for the customer’s data storage organization needs.
  • Lastly, with another customer scenario given, the candidate is asked to determine when to utilize virtualized data and explain virtualized data options.
Domain 6: Data Migration: 15%

The final and sixth domain is Data Migration. This domain holds the remaining 15% of the weightage of the exam.

  • It gives a customer scenario to the candidate and asks them to recommend suitable methods and methods for making sure about high data quality at load time.
  • Next, the candidate has to correlate and distinguish between different methods for enhancing performance when transferring large data volumes into Salesforce.
  • And finally, this domain asks the candidate to correlate and contrast different methods and deliberations for spreading data from Salesforce.


A Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer assesses the designing atmosphere and requirements and plans sound, adaptable, and performing courses of action on the Customer 360 Platform as per enormous business data management. The contender is instructed about information configuration structures covering critical structure blocks, for instance, data sourcing, joining/improvement, perseverance, pro data dealing with, metadata tasks and semantic trade-off, data organization, security, and transport. At DumpsArena, you shall find comprehensive knowledge about the exams and their corresponding courses including PDF practice exams and test engines. A golden chance to attain not once but twice the demonstrating help that would guarantee a pass in the credentials!

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