Here you are informed about the finest way to assess your attained knowledge about AWS certified advanced networking – specialty; a rather challenging examination that drives you to do the best of your abilities whether you have or yet to achieve a certification preceding the Specialty exam.

Have you ever wondered if you stop scouring for knowledge, it will be enough? Are you ever satisfied with the knowledge you have gained or do you think there is a lot more you need to learn, for the acquaintance you have is not enough for you? Do you question yourself if there are proper processes of edification that can make you say with confidence that you know all about that particular field? Or do you find yourself unsure about you being tested sufficiently for you to hold proof of that claim? Maybe that the efforts you are putting in do not have a proper platform for legitimacy or its attestation? Do you often find yourself inquiring if there is an authentic validation for your skill and understanding that can be the pivot point for your hard work resulting in a career breakthrough?

Then you have found yourself in the right place!

Specialty Exam

The purpose of this assessment process is to validate the candidates and bestow upon them the authenticity of a field-perceived accreditation. It approves progressed specialized aptitudes and involvement with planning and actualizing AWS and hybrid IT network designs at a degree. This exam does not have any strict requirement which means that either a cloud professional experienced in designing and executing AWS enhanced networking or a learner in the hunt to further their knowledge without prior certifications can apply for and attempt this exam. AWS advanced networking is the perfect platform that coagulates your knowledge and uses it to uplift you in the industrial practice of implementing that knowledge. One might even say that this Specialty exam certification allows the reach of the peak of an individual in the networking field.

As much as it sounds hypothetical to reach such a height in one’s career, once you see the practical process of letting the candidate approach this exam, it becomes rather understanding as to why. It is because this enhanced networking exam validates your ability to plan, build up, and arrange cloud-based solutions using the AWS platform. Allowing the opportunity to endorse the execution of core AWS administrations as indicated by critical architectural best practices, it also verifies the individual’s capacity to design and preserve network architecture for all AWS services. Additionally, the AWS advanced networking allows the optimum prospect to substantiate the examinee’s skill for leverage tools or influence them to program and mechanize AWS networking assignments. All these corroborations polish an individual to aptness which allows them to excel in their field of networking.

Exam Structure

This enhanced networking AWS test structures as a quiz-based online proctored exam using both response techniques: multiple-choice and multiple-response. These can also be held in certified testing centers which facilitate in the examination process. Along with the multiple-choice and multiple-response questions, there is ‘unscored’ content that establishes statistical data. These are not as identified in the form and so they do not affect the score of the exam on the whole.

The exam content holds domains categorized as sections with specific weightings that vary in questions and turn with the overall exam score. Each weighting, however, plays a role in the passing of the exam but the checking and scoring of these are not individual. However, the exam result reports the performance in each section. It means that if an individual does not ‘pass’ at a certain section, it may lower the overall score percentage but it will not guarantee a ‘fail’.

Recommended Knowledge

For an individual to try their hand at this AWS Specialty exam, the team gives recommendations for them to have some of the hands-on experience or preceding certifications in the Amazon web services cloud-based practice for advanced networking.

AWS Certification Knowledge

The professionals allocate the Associate level certifications for an eligible candidate or a cloud practitioner certification. It means that the examinee is suggested to either go through the six months of fundamental AWS Cloud along with the industry knowledge resulting in an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. There are also suggestions for having one year of experience in working out problems and applying solution using the AWS Cloud. This will allow them to hold one of the current Associate-level certifications such as:

  • AWS Certified Architect – Associate,
  • The AWS Certified Developer – Associate,
  • or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate.

It will provide concrete evidence of their AWS knowledge. That is because it is suggested to be suitable for individuals to have professional experience using AWS networking technology.

ISMS Knowledge:

Furthermore, an individual would find it suitable to have attained familiarity with AWS Security best practices. It is to understand how it will aid them with characterizing their data protection on Information Security Management System (ISMS). It shall also assist them in fabricating a set of security arrangements. Adding to that, the measures for their association to secure their information resources in the AWS Cloud. 

There is the recommendation of experience of AWS storage options together with their basic consistency models for the candidate. It is to assess if they can easily identify different options of cloud-based storage and how each has a unique combination of performance, robustness, accessibility, cost, and interface as well as other characteristics such as scalability and elasticity. Candidates are suggested to also know; how they can use different cloud storage options to form an all-inclusive data storage hierarchy. Along with that, the experts advise the candidates to have an understanding of AWS networking nuances. They should know how they relate to the integration of AWS services. It will allow the candidate to showcase their awareness over enabling communication between dissociated components within Microservices, divided system, and Serverless applications.

AWS General IT Knowledge

Other than prior certification, the AWS team recommends general IT knowledge of an individual before the advanced networking – specialty exam. Such as; Advanced networking architectures and interconnectivity options (e.g., IP VPN, MPLS/VPLS), Networking technologies within the OSI model, and how they affect implementation decisions, Development of automation scripts and tools, CIDR and subnetting (IPv4 and IPv6), IPv6 transition challenges, Generic solutions for network security features, including WAF, IDS, IPS, DDoS protection, and Economic Denial of Service/Sustainability (EDoS).

Exam Content Outline

The exam consists of several domains that assess the individual’s knowledge and skill they have acquired before taking the test. Each domain has a varying weighting that totals up to 100%. A candidate must keep in mind that to pass this AWS enhanced networking exam, they should score no less than 70%. Otherwise, they would have to retake the exam.

Domain 1, Domain 2, and Domain 3:

The very first domain with 23% of weighting is: Design and Implement Hybrid IT Network Architecture at Scale. This will assess the candidate for executing connectivity for hybrid IT. It will give the examinee a scenario to derive an appropriate hybrid IT architecture connectivity solution. Along with that, it will also demand to explain the process to extend connectivity using AWS Direct Connect. Moreover, the candidates will have to evaluate design alternatives that leverage AWS Direct Connect. And have to explain routing policies for hybrid IT architecture.

The next domain with 29% weighting is: Design and Implement AWS Network. This domain will test the candidate to apply AWS networking concepts. Case studies will provide client requirements and asked to propose optimized designs based on the evaluation of an existing implementation. Additionally, questions such as the following will be asked:

  • Shaping network requirements for a specific workload
  • Deriving a suitable architecture based on customer and application requirements
  • Evaluating and optimizing cost responsibilities for a network design and application data flow.

The third domain in an Amazon AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty with only 8% of weightage is: Automate AWS Tasks. This will ask a candidate to evaluate automation and toll-based alternatives within AWS for network deployments and, operations and management.

Domain 4, Domain 5, and Domain 6:

The fourth domain with 15% is: Configure Network Integration with Application Services. This will evaluate the candidate’s ability to leverage the capabilities of Route 53. The candidate will also have to evaluate DNS solutions in a hybrid IT architecture. They will be asked to determine:

  • The appropriate configuration of DHCP within AWS
  •  Given the scenario, an appropriate load balancing strategy within the AWS ecosystem

The candidates will also have to answer questions about the reconciliation of AWS service requirements with network requirements.

The fifth domain with 12% of weightage is: Design and Implementation for Security and Compliance. This will judge the examinee’s ability to evaluate:

  • Design requirements for configuration with security and compliance objectives
  • AWS security feature for managing network traffic

The exam will inquire the candidates about utilizing encryption technologies to secure network communication.

The last and sixth domain of AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty with 13% weighting is:
Manage, Optimize, and Troubleshoot the Network. Here the quiz will give the candidate a scenario to troubleshoot and resolve a network issue.


It is up to you to have a broader aspect of knowledge in the enhanced networking AWS. Once that is done, the passing of the AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty exam will give you the networking certification. It will prove to uplift your career; as well as give you the satisfaction of acquiring the evidence of your knowledge.

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